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'Lake (excerpt)' directed by Brett Ludeman Spender / Lake (excerpt) 'Rufus’ Song' directed by Grantley Smith Sainthill / Rufus’ Song 'Tell Me (excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Golden Features / Tell Me (excerpt) 'Free Your Mind (Full Version)' directed by Christopher Hill Cut Copy / Free Your Mind (Full Version) 'Sorry (Excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Gypsy & The Cat / Sorry (Excerpt) 'She’s a Genius (Excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Jet / She’s a Genius (Excerpt) 'Sun God (excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Cut Copy / Sun God (excerpt) 'Bird on a Wire (Excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Sarah Blasko / Bird on a Wire (Excerpt) 'Sorry' directed by Christopher Hill Gypsy & the Cat / Sorry 'Contact High' directed by Christopher Hill Architecture in Helsinki / Contact High 'Cat & The Eye (Excerpt)' directed by Lachlan Dickie Van She / Cat & The Eye (Excerpt) 'What Did We Do?' directed by Brett Ludeman Grizzly Jim / What Did We Do? 'Snickers Sessions' directed by Jono Hill Mars / Snickers Sessions 'This Block' directed by Jono Hill Khancoban / This Block 'Former Me' directed by Jono Hill Richard Easton / Former Me 'City Trash – Music Video' directed by Glendyn Ivin Magic Dirt / City Trash – Music Video 'Big Bad Wolf' directed by Duck Sauce / Big Bad Wolf 'Heaven Can Wait – Cutdown' directed by Beck and Charlotte Gainsberg / Heaven Can Wait – Cutdown 'Big Jet Plane' directed by Kiku Ohe Angus and Julia Stone / Big Jet Plane 'Move (If You Wanna) – Cutdown' directed by Mims / Move (If You Wanna) – Cutdown 'Don’t Turn the Lights On' directed by Chomeo / Don’t Turn the Lights On 'Awesome Day' directed by K Swiss / Awesome Day 'Bird on a Wire' directed by Christopher Hill Sarah Blasko / Bird on a Wire 'Vital Signs' directed by Christopher Hill Midnight Juggernauts / Vital Signs