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'The Places You’ll Go' directed by Gaysorn Thavat Olympus Bank / The Places You’ll Go 'First steps' directed by Perry Westwood HBF / First steps 'World Cup Act1' directed by Garth Davis Budweiser / World Cup Act1 'Fare Evaders' directed by Ben Saunders PTV / Fare Evaders 'CATE BLANCHETT' directed by Pete Moore SK-II / CATE BLANCHETT 'Born to Give' directed by Paola Morabito Westfield / Born to Give 'Play' directed by Christopher Hill Lynx / Play 'Rainbow' directed by Brett Ludeman Prosecco / Rainbow 'Father Time (Golf)' directed by Lachlan Dickie MySKY / Father Time (Golf) 'Mission for Health: Sophie' directed by David Rittey Dettol / Mission for Health: Sophie 'Pure Feel Good' directed by Kiku Ohe Mount Franklin / Pure Feel Good 'Trophy Perspective' directed by Jolyon Watkins Hyundai / Trophy Perspective 'Cashout' directed by Adam Gunser Betfair / Cashout 'Sprinter' directed by Greg Wood Rebel Sport / Sprinter 'The Tudors – Scandal, Survival & Sacrifice' directed by Mike Daly BBC / The Tudors – Scandal, Survival & Sacrifice 'Loose Change' directed by Ben Saunders McDonald's / Loose Change 'Ode To The Dairy Farmer' directed by Stephen Carroll Devondale / Ode To The Dairy Farmer 'Plate' directed by Grantley Smith CUB Jubilee / Plate 'Cash' directed by Grantley Smith Smiths / Cash 'Cinema' directed by Amy Gebhardt Woolworths / Cinema 'Dulux' directed by Jono Hill Dulux / Dulux 'Nightmares' directed by Glendyn Ivin New Zealand Fire Service / Nightmares 'Hands, Shirt, Sweat' directed by Mark Molloy VB / Hands, Shirt, Sweat 'World Wide Webber' directed by Darren Ashton Woolworths / World Wide Webber