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'Feels like home' directed by Mark Molloy Qantas / Feels like home 'Good Sports' directed by David Rittey Good Sports / Good Sports 'Naked DSL' directed by Brett Ludeman Internode / Naked DSL 'Stone Cold' directed by Lachlan Dickie The Kite String Tangle / Stone Cold 'Trapped' directed by Perry Westwood MSSWA / Trapped 'Solagard' directed by Perry Westwood Wattyl / Solagard 'Every Day is Day One' directed by Mark Molloy Samsung / Every Day is Day One 'Brand' directed by Kiku Ohe Virgin / Brand 'Mirror' directed by Christopher Hill Emporium / Mirror 'Find Wonderful' directed by Gaysorn Thavat Myer / Find Wonderful 'Host' directed by Stephen Carroll Host Plus / Host '100 Years of Hair' directed by Oh Yeah Wow Gillette / 100 Years of Hair 'Break Out' directed by Jolyon Watkins Mitsubishi / Break Out 'World Cup Act1' directed by Garth Davis Budweiser / World Cup Act1 'Back To The Beginning' directed by Brett Ludeman Polyfilla / Back To The Beginning 'Rainbow' directed by Brett Ludeman Liquorland / Rainbow 'AO Blitz' directed by Brett Ludeman Tennis Australia / AO Blitz 'The Writer Revealed' directed by Brett Ludeman Melbourne Writer's Festival / The Writer Revealed 'Bowling' directed by Brett Ludeman Melbourne Aces / Bowling 'Thoughts Like Clouds' directed by Brett Ludeman Smiling Mind / Thoughts Like Clouds 'Hangryman' directed by Brett Ludeman Peters - Maxibon / Hangryman 'Transplant Games' directed by Brett Ludeman Transplant Australia / Transplant Games 'Fare Evaders' directed by Ben Saunders PTV / Fare Evaders 'Cabbie' directed by Ben Saunders The Age / Cabbie