Kiku Ohe

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'Brand' directed by Kiku Ohe Virgin / Brand 'Pure Feel Good' directed by Kiku Ohe Mount Franklin / Pure Feel Good 'Find Your People' directed by Kiku Ohe Google / Find Your People 'Together' directed by Kiku Ohe Eastland / Together 'Explore More' directed by Kiku Ohe Thalys / Explore More 'Vitamin Water – The Antidote' directed by Kiku Ohe Glaceau / Vitamin Water – The Antidote 'HK Honey' directed by Kiku Ohe Nokia / HK Honey 'Pacifica' directed by Kiku Ohe The Presets / Pacifica

Music Videos

'Big Jet Plane' directed by Kiku Ohe Angus and Julia Stone / Big Jet Plane


2011 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

Cannes - 1st Prize for Non European Branded Short Film & Shorts Young Director Award

2011 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

AWARD - Bronze for Direction & Gold for Editing

2012 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

Clios - Bronze for Cinematography

2010 - Angus & Julia Stone 'Big Jet Plane'

Kodak Inside Film Awards - Best Music Video

2010 - Angus & Julia Stone 'Big Jet Plane'

ARIA Awards - Nominated for Best Music Video


Kiku Ohe is an Australian/Japanese filmmaker whose passion for cinematic storytelling has seen him direct a wide range of memorable and awarded film work including commercials, music videos and documentaries.

With his background in design and cinematography Kiku’s visual style has crafted intimate real-people documentary pieces through to large-scale visual narrative.  Through efficient use of striking imagery and story, Kiku has the ability to create beautiful films with spirit and emotional pull.