Kiku Ohe

/ Director








'Explore More' directed by Kiku Ohe Thalys / Explore More 'Find Your People' directed by Kiku Ohe Google / Find Your People 'Pure Feel Good' directed by Kiku Ohe Mount Franklin / Pure Feel Good 'Together' directed by Kiku Ohe Eastland / Together 'Vitamin Water – The Antidote' directed by Kiku Ohe Glaceau / Vitamin Water – The Antidote 'Chicago Grand Classic' directed by Kiku Ohe McDonald's / Chicago Grand Classic 'Big In Japan' directed by Kiku Ohe Kirin / Big In Japan

Long Form

'HK Honey' directed by Kiku Ohe Nokia / HK Honey 'Pacifica' directed by Kiku Ohe The Presets / Pacifica

Music Videos

'Big Jet Plane' directed by Kiku Ohe Angus and Julia Stone / Big Jet Plane 'Wooden Chair' directed by Kiku Ohe Angus Stone / Wooden Chair


2011 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

Cannes - 1st Prize for Non European Branded Short Film & Shorts Young Director Award

2011 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

AWARD - Bronze for Direction & Gold for Editing

2012 - Nokia 'Hong Kong Honey'

Clios - Bronze for Cinematography

2010 - Angus & Julia Stone 'Big Jet Plane'

Kodak Inside Film Awards - Best Music Video

2010 - Angus & Julia Stone 'Big Jet Plane'

ARIA Awards - Nominated for Best Music Video


Kiku Ohe is an Australian/Japanese filmmaker whose passion for cinematic storytelling has seen him direct a wide range of memorable and awarded film work including commercials, music videos and documentaries.

With his background in design and cinematography Kiku’s visual style has crafted intimate real-people documentary pieces through to large-scale visual narrative.  Through efficient use of striking imagery and story, Kiku has the ability to create beautiful films with spirit and emotional pull.  Kiku works internationally and is currently based in Sydney.