Greg Wood




Greg is interested in a lot of things. Most of which have nothing to do with making money. Currently he’s putting the finishing touches on his short film “Running Stitch” and a documentary about New Zealand veteran land speed legend Bill Ward. ┬áHe’s also preparing to set a new speed record for the world’s fastest Lambretta – the current one has stood at 200kph since 1951 – so by the time you read this he may already be dead.

If he’s not dead you’ll find him at Exit Films where he directs TV commercials for people that want him to.


2014 - Rebel Sport 'Sprinter'

Spikes Asia - Bronze for Editing

2014 - Rebel Sport 'Sprinter'

Spikes Asia - Bronze for Sound Design

2008 - Volkswagen 'The Interview'

Cannes Lion - Bronze for Direction