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'Fare Evaders' directed by Ben Saunders PTV / Fare Evaders 'Loose Change' directed by Ben Saunders McDonald's / Loose Change 'Cabbie' directed by Ben Saunders The Age / Cabbie 'Tru Capture' directed by Ben Saunders Canon / Tru Capture 'Septopia' directed by Ben Saunders AFL / Septopia 'Marine' directed by Ben Saunders Earth Choice / Marine 'Monuments' directed by Ben Saunders Big M / Monuments 'Symphony' directed by Ben Saunders VB / Symphony

Music Videos

'Circles' directed by Ben Saunders Birds of Tokyo / Circles 'Little Wonder' directed by Ben Saunders Augie March / Little Wonder 'One Robot' directed by Ben Saunders Rocket Science / One Robot


2011 - Earth Choice 'Marine'

New York Festival - Bronze

2010 - Earth Choice 'Marine'

Clio Awards - TV & Cinema - Finalist

2010 - Earth Choice 'Marine'

Spikes Asia - TV & Cinema - Silver Spike

2010 - Earth Choice 'Marine'

MADC - Best Direction - Silver

2006 - Paul Kelly 'Song of the Old Rake'

CMAA - Best Video - Golden Guitar

2001 - Eskimo Joe 'Wake Up'

ARIA Awards - Best Video

Ben Saunders_Portrait

Ben’s been directing TVC’s for 8.25 years & in that time has worked with cars, banks, cameras, undies, beer & ice cream.  Starting out as a photographer, he made the switch to the moving image through his critically acclaimed work directing music videos for the likes of Eskimo Joe, Paul Kelly & Birds of Tokyo.

With an obvious cinematic sensibility & a passion for strong visual imagery, his in camera approach often sees him take on the challenge of merging the worlds of live action and VFX.   With a love of the casting process & its opportunity to meet some of the strange people that live in our world, Ben’s work continues to evolve around his passion for capturing a moment.

He still enjoys directing music videos and has won both an ARIA  & a Golden Guitar for best music video, a rare double & as Ben says “a bit like winning the Brownlow & the Magarey Medals”.