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'Cashout' directed by Adam Gunser Betfair / Cashout 'Silence The Troll' directed by Adam Gunser V Energy / Silence The Troll 'Monopoly' directed by Adam Gunser McDonald's / Monopoly 'Pong Pong' directed by Adam Gunser Skof / Pong Pong 'Sizzling Summer' directed by Adam Gunser Shapes / Sizzling Summer 'Pacman' directed by Adam Gunser Telecom / Pacman 'My Charge' directed by Adam Gunser My Charge / My Charge 'Smile' directed by Adam Gunser Telecom / Smile 'Spa' directed by Adam Gunser EDNZ / Spa 'Balloons' directed by Adam Gunser Ford / Balloons

Long Form

'Introduction' directed by Adam Gunser Killing Phillip / Introduction


2013 - KFC 'It Doesn't Count If...'

British Arrow Awards - Gold Award

Ford Viral 'Balloons'

Cannes - Silver Lion

Ford Viral 'Balloons'

Axis Awards - Gold

Ford Viral 'Balloons'

CLIO - Finalist

Ford Viral 'Balloons'

One Show - Merit

EDNZ 'Chopsticks'

Young Directors Award by CPF-e/Shots - Silver

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Adam started out at Art school with lofty ideas of becoming a very serious painter. He quickly developed a distaste for the serious and changed his major to Filmmaking, a decision he is paying for to this day.

After graduating with the top marks in the country, he started his professional career making music videos for some of New Zealand’s biggest bands. This quickly transitioned into commercials with Adam’s first foray into the genre (a viral for Ford) resulting in a Silver Lion at Cannes as well as a swag of other awards.

From that ominous start, he has kept momentum continuing to receive awards for his subsequent work including two silvers at the Young Directors Awards in Cannes for his disturbingly awkward Education NZ spots.

Adam has recently worked with clients as varied as Cadbury, Griffens, Ford, Lotto, Pascal, Sky TV and Telecom and is fast becoming known for his strong visual approach to comedy as well as his boyish good looks.