Jolyon Watkins / Z-Series SV6 Ute








'Mirror Mirror' directed by Jolyon Watkins Mitsubishi ASX / Mirror Mirror 'Trophy Perspective' directed by Jolyon Watkins Hyundai / Trophy Perspective 'ASX ‘Bike Courier’' directed by Jolyon Watkins Mitsubishi / ASX ‘Bike Courier’ 'Share' directed by Jolyon Watkins Mazda / Share 'Think 60″' directed by Jolyon Watkins Holden / Think 60″ 'EOYC' directed by Jolyon Watkins Hyundai / EOYC 'Z-Series SV6 Ute' directed by Jolyon Watkins Holden / Z-Series SV6 Ute 'Spark Something New' directed by Jolyon Watkins Holden / Spark Something New 'The Renegades' directed by Jolyon Watkins Jeep / The Renegades 'Legend' directed by Jolyon Watkins Honda / Legend 'This Equals That' directed by Jolyon Watkins Care Australia / This Equals That 'Thomson Dam' directed by Jolyon Watkins DSE / Thomson Dam 'Right Person' directed by Jolyon Watkins Salvation Army Employment Plus / Right Person 'Emergency Alert' directed by Jolyon Watkins Department of Justice / Emergency Alert 'Our Water – 3A' directed by Jolyon Watkins DSE / Our Water – 3A

Music Videos

'Addicted to Bass' directed by Jolyon Watkins Puretone / Addicted to Bass 'Music Video Selects' directed by Jolyon Watkins Dust Me / Music Video Selects


An eye for automotive beauty, an innate understanding of action storytelling and a gift for intuitive casting and natural talent direction are the hallmarks of Jolyon Watkins director’s showreel.

Growing up on his Father’s car dealership with a love of movies and motorsport it seems only natural that Jolyon would gravitate to automotive advertising for his directing career.

Graduating from the pre-eminate Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television School, Jolyon initially gravitated towards music videos, which earned him awards and nominations both in Australia and overseas. His established formula in his music videos was weighted towards character based storytelling, and that has translated seamlessly into his dialogue driven commercials, in combination with slick and stylish images.

In directing the worldwide hit music video ADDICTED TO BASS, an action homage to the cult car film MAD MAX, Jolyon kickstarted his automotive advertising career.

What followed is with a long string of successful advertising campaigns for all of the major manufacturers.

His various action commercials for HOLDEN (AJF Partnership), JEEP (Clemenger BBDO), MAZDA (CHE), MITSUBISHI (Jam Shop), SUZUKI (MJW) and HONDA (Draft FCB) are a sublime hybrid of stunning car photography, exhilarating tracking and aerial footage, wrapped together with compelling performances and slick, seamless edits.

From the race track to the studio, Jolyon’s slick and stylish photographic studies for HYUNDAI (Innocean), BMW (Badjar), NISSAN and FORD (JWT) have shown that he has an innate eye for automotive beauty on the turntable as well.

Most recently Jolyon’s been busy combining all disciplines in his lifestyle and running footage commercials for GM HOLDEN (AJF Partnership).

These unique campaigns interweave stunning car photography with intimate character studies of their owners.